And then there were none

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"I love you hanschen

       as I have never loved anybody”

"and so you should"


Kent State University’s production of Spring Awakening in Kent, OH.

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Jonathan Groff

"Up until I got Spring Awakening on Broadway, I always just wanted to get a job, any job. When I did that show, I learned the importance of really believing in the project. That is the difference between an actor and an artist. An artist is someone who can really get behind what they are performing because they believe in the message of what the project is about. I remember seeing how people were affected by the show. People with kids would be by the stage door crying hysterically, invested in the show’s message and in Melchior, the character I played. I had a quote that I looked at every day before I went onstage: ‘Don’t let the world define you.’ That was my mantra. When I left the show, the quote became a part of me as a person and as an artist. Spring Awakening transformed me from an actor into an artist. It changed me. I now set the bar very high creatively and choose projects that I know I really believe in with all my heart.” - The Art of Discovery (x)
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Guess who has a new reaction pic

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I won’t let them stray from  my heart

Till everything you say is just another bad about you.

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The Song of Purple Summer, Spring Awakening LA, 2012.

Oh, it’s like we stop time, what can I do?

We’ve all got our junk, and my junk is you.

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Mat Vairo and Janel Parrish, Spring Awakening LA, 2012.

Melchior Gabor - 2006 Original Broadway Cast > 2012 Over The Moon Prods LA Cast

Jonathan Groff > Mat Vairo

Just too unreal, all this…